Iconic Creations


LaMarinière The Marinière


This star of his first prêt-à-porter collection for men, the ‘marinière’ was born at Jean Paul Gaultier. The timeless classic was inspired both by a basic item from the designer’s childhood wardrobe and by the film Querelle (1983), in which Rainer Fassbinder featured the idea of the Mâle that would become the muse for his perfume line.


La jupepourHomme The man-skirt


Presented to the public as part of his "Et Dieu Créa l'Homme" ("And God Created Man") collection, these very wide leg trousers with a wrapover style panel on the front created the illusion of a skirt. Captivated by the hyper-sexuality of his masculine models made more feminine, Jean Paul Gaultier’s man-skirt was a break with convention and put stereotypes associated with clothing for each sex into question.


CorsetConique The conical bustier


Essential for the concept of woman as ‘object of power’ glorified by Jean Paul Gaultier, the conical bustier reasserts the hyper-femininity derided by the first wave of feminism in the 1970s. Made iconic by Madonna, who wore them for her Blond Ambition World Tour in 1990, they became emblematic features of Gaultier collections, produced in a myriad of designs.

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