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The Designer

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Le ParisDe Jean Paul Jean Paul's Paris

Taking trends from street level to the catwalk: this sums up the attitude of the iconoclast putting pop culture into his shows to boost its cachet. And what better way of achieving this fashion reversal than to (re)interpret the people around him? Whether she is unknown or well-recognised, Jean Paul Gaultier's vision of the Parisian woman is manifold. He has dedicated more than a dozen collections to her: “The Parisian woman is the woman I know best and yet someone I might not even have met!”
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Le boudoir The boudoir

Intensely feminine, the boudoir is the perfect place to challenge established attitudes towards the masculine and feminine. With the hyper-feminisation of women, ultra-masculine men and man-skirts, Jean Paul Gaultier rewrites the rules with his silhouettes.
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“With Jean Paul Gaultier, bad taste becomes as interesting – or at least as acceptable – as good taste, and is a vast improvement on the tasteless.” Valerie Steele, Director of The Museum at FIT

Le culteDes Corps In praise of the physical form

Jean Paul Gaultier has analysed the human form and his vision serves to challenge our perceptions of the body. He is constantly experimenting, even creating hybrid clothes like the one-piece suit and the dress that is worn as a skirt. His iconoclastic compositions force us to question everything we thought we knew about fashion.
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JungleUrbaine Urban Jungle

Ever enthusiastic, Jean Paul Gaultier embraces difference. Inspired by world culture, he created a surreal ‘world village’ in which rabbi chic is found living side by side with samurai and Tuareg marquises. Many Gaultier collections constitute an homage to his love of diversity: “I have a great respect for individuals and appreciate our differences.”


“In the beginning, I wanted to design costumes and scenery for the Folies Bergère cabaret in Paris.” A lover of the arts since childhood, Jean Paul Gaultier went into the fashion industry solely to tell stories, which allowed him to very quickly forge close blonds with the stars of the music hall. Starting in the 1980s, he began designing costumes for some of the most influential films, dancers and theatre productions to come out of the end of the twentieth century.

Du créateurau couturier From creative
to couturier

“I always wanted to design collections to suit women of different styles and all age groups, for couture as well as for prêt-à-porter.” Jean-paul gaultier
"I like looking at things from a different angle and questioning what is expected." Jean-paul gaultier